Foundation 1910
Established 31 March, 1952
Capital JPY 30,000,000.


President: Eiji Morita
Employee 78
Head Office 1-200 Shimoobari-Nakashima, Komaki-city, Aichi prefecture, 485-0051, JAPAN(ACCESS)
Business activities
Design, Manufacture & Sales of specialized machine
Spring manufacturing machine
(Hot coiling manufacturing machine, Cold coiling manufacturing machine, Leaf spring manufacturing machine, Stabilizer bar forming machine)
Electronic component manufacturing machine
Aircraft part manufacturing machine
Resin packing manufacturing machine
Other Specialized machine
Import and Sale of industrial products
Safety fence manufactured by TROAX (Sweden)
Other Specialized machine
Equipment manufactured by SIMCO (Taiwan)
333 Huangpujiangbei Road, Zhoushi Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu, 215314, CHINA


hand-operated Hot Coiling MachineTraditional substance being have kept since a foundation, Substance is being have changed with an evolution of technology. Today's Morita & Company has these two different faces. While we take over an earnest manner to the subject given from the customers as our company's policy, we value a posture to take times promptly and raise the new proposals to a society. These are a future status of Morita & Company we are targeting.

Founded Morita Iron Works
1952 Organized to Morita Iron Works Co., Ltd. and succeeded the Business.
Capital \300,000
Increased capital to \8,000,000
1960 Transferred factory from Nagoya to Komaki City
Started manufacture of spring making machines
Increased capital to \11,000,000
1966 Increased capital to \16,000,000
1967 Expanded factory
1972 Increased capital to \20,000,000
1974 Exported to overseas (Spain) for the first time
1976 Developed Hot Coiling machine with cassette type (the world's first development)
1977 Exported a leaf spring manufacturing plant to East South Asia
1981 Exported a leaf and coil spring manufacturing plant to Europe
1982 Constructed new office for administration and welfare
1985 Exported a leaf spring manufacturing plant to China
1988 Exported a coil spring manufacturing plant to North America
1991 Changed the company name to MORITA&COMPANY Co., Ltd.
Establish representative in Europe
Exported a coil spring manufacturing plant to Australia
1998 Developed precision equipment and started its sale
1999 Introduced 3 dimensions CAD system
2003 Represented as the general agency of TROAX safety fence
Introduced production managing system
Started import and sale of TROAX safety fence
Constructed painting booth
Introduced production managing system by BOM (Bill of Material)
2006 Introduced Double Column Machining Centers (5-Axis) [OKUMA: MCR-A5C]
Increased capital to \30,000,000
Amalgamated with Morita Engineering Co., Ltd.
Introduced 3D Coordinate Measuring machine
Joint developed Cold coiling machine with SIMCO (Taiwan)
2010 Certified according to Eco-action 21
2012 Founded KUNSHAN MORITA&COMPANY Co., Ltd. in Kunshan, Jiangsu, CHINA