Guidance of the OEM of Morita & Company

We mainly provide services to overseas corporations such as;

  • Machine manufacturers considering market expansion into Japan
  • Machine manufacturers improving sales in Japanese market
  • Machine manufacturers requiring equipment repair and maintenance
  • Machine manufacturers foreseeing not so much sales as opening a production plant in Japan

The characteristics of the OEM by Morita & Company

  • We have many previous business achievements with domestic as well as overseas transactions.
  • We have necessary skill and knowledge for machine manufacturing. Also we own serial process from machine design, electrical control design, machine process, to assembly. That is why we can suit your needs of customized specification.
  • We own previous accomplishment and technical know-how for forge rolling machines.

Example of resources that can be provided

  • Machine design
     * Designing by AutoCAD (2D/3D), Experienced machine engineers
  • Electrical design & control
     * Possible to deal with PLC control system of several companies such as Mitsubishi, Experienced electrical engineers
  • Machine processing
     * Metal processing representative, Various processing equipment, Experienced staff with skills

    =>EQUIPMENT in our factory
  • Sales
     * Import and export service representative, Japanese client liaison representative