Testing Machine

Load Classification Unit


This is an equipment to measure a load of coil spring after painting one by one and to classify the measured results to 5 ranks. Classification is done by load measuring under specified height. No good product is classified to + NG and - NG, and ejected outside machine. Good product is classified to (+, 0, -) and ejected outside machine. Jigs, which are changed in accordance with both ends shape of coil spring, can be automatically changed by jig changer (Option).



De-hooking Device
NG Chute
Loader to Testing Machine
Testing Machine
Unloader from Testing Machine
Marking Device
Unloader after Marking
Classification Convoyer
Dryer for Marking
Inspection Device for Marking


Specification of Product Bar Dia. 10-20mm
Outer Dia. of Coil 85-190mm
Inner Dia. of Coil 60-165mm
Free Length 200-550mm
Weight of Coil 1.0-8.0kg/pc
Solid Height over 60mm
Total Turn Max. 16
Direction of Coil Right/Left
Cycle Time 4.5 sec/pcs. (average)