Setting Machine

Cold Setting Unit


This is an equipment to make a setting of coil springs after shot peening in a normal temperature two by two. The machine has a function to cool a coil spring, which is peened in a hot condition. Coil Springs after setting are hooked to hanger conveyor for painting. Jigs, which are changed in accordance with shapes, can be automatically changed by jig changer(Option).



Cooling Device by water
Setting Machine
Jig Changer(Option)
Hooking Device (to painting hanger)
Positioning Device and Transfer Device


Specification of Product Bar Diameter 8-32mm
Outer Dia. of Coil 85-200mm
Inner Dia. of Coil(Cylindrical) 50-160mm
Inner Dia. of Coil(Conical) Min. 50mm
Free Length(Before Presetting) 200-600mm
Free Length(After Presetting) 160-550mm
Direction of Coil Right
Specification of Machine Number of Head 2 heads
(System to treat 2 springs every one cycle)
Setting Capacity Max. 3000kgf
Load Detection Load Cell
Setting Drive AC Servo Motor
Temperature of Coil Spring Normal Room Temperature
Measuring Method Load Measuring under specified height
Cycle Time 10 sec/cycle (average)
(about 600 pcs./Hr)