NC Camber Forming Unit

NC Camber Forming Unit


This machine is an automatic equipment to make camber forming of a whole heated leaf with a formed ends with a system that takes up a material, turns it over if necessary, positions it, loads it to NC camber forming machine, forms it to a preset camber shape, takes it out from a camber forming machine and transfers a formed leaf to a specified position of a customer's quenching machine. Camber forming die has a function to make a setting any camber shape by NC control.

-Camber form setting method
Curvature is formed by positioning a jack one by one, which is unclamped by a curve setter being NC controlled.

-Input method of curvature
Input can be done according to CRT indications for each product by a personal computer. Maximum saving capacity is 9999 types of product.



Extracting conveyor from a heating furnace (Option)
Loader to camber forming (with turnover device)
End Form/End Cut/Positioning Device
Longitudinal positioning device
NC camber forming machine
Unloader from camber forming machine
Exchanging device of camber forming die (Option)


Specification of Product Leaf thickness at end part 6-22mm
Leaf thickness at center part 10-40mm
Leaf width 60-102mm
Total span before quenching 650-2200mm
Camber R Min. 600mm
Specification of Machine Ram pressing power Max. 15,000kg
Pressing power for center part Max. 10,000kg
Forming die Universal type for upper and lower
Cycle Time 10-14 sec.