Shearing Machine for Leaf Spring

Shearing Machine for Leaf Spring


This machine performs to shear a raw material of leaf spring with a required length. A construction frame with high rigidity gives high efficiency to decrease a machine noise and to increase life time of cutting knife. As machine proper and positioning device is a compact construction, operation and workability is easy.



Shearing Machine
Shearing Die
Material Supporter
Positioning Device of cutting length


Specification of Product Leaf thickness 6 - 25mm
Leaf width 40 - 100mm
Cutting length 200-2300mm
Specification of Machine Cutting Capacity 180,000kg
Ram Stroke Length 80mm
Number of Ram stroke 40 s.p.m.
Clutch/Brake Pneumatic friction
Motor 18.5kWx4P
Cycle Time 6-7sec.
for cutting length 700-800(About 450 pcs./h)