Fatigue Testing Machine for Leaf Spring

Fatigue Testing Machine for Leaf Spring


So far a fatigue testing machine is generally used at a research and develop department of the company. If a fatigue test could be easily carried out in the production line, it is useful to increase a quality of spring. This machine was developed to meet this purpose and has following characteristics. "Spring is tested under a pre-set load. If spring is fatigued during testing, a load is automatically compensated and test is continued under a constant pre-set load." This machine adopts a hydraulic method and solved the general disadvantages of a hydraulic method such as energy loss, difficult maintenance, use of special hydraulic unit by a new development of special components and hydraulic circuit. Further, a power unit is energy saving type and its maintenance cost is nearly same as one of mechanical type.



Fatigue Testing Machine
Spring Supporting Jig
Safety Cover


Specification of Machine Capacity 15,000kg
Ram stroke Max. 200 mm
Number of stroke Max. 90 s.p.m.