Shearing Machine for Leaf Spring

Shearing Machine for Thick Leaf Spring


This machine is a single purpose machine, which was specially developped for shearing a raw material of a heavy leaf spring, and has a superior shearing performance not only for a heavy material, but also for light material with a noiseless cutting. This machine was designed under our long experience and delivery records of the machines and equipment for manufacture of suspension springs of automobiles and trains and can meet assembling in an automatic line, a quick change-over and easy maintenance.



Shearing Machine
Shearing Die Set(Upper/Lower Knife - each one piece)


Specification of Product Leaf thickness 6-40mm
Leaf width 40-100mm
Cutting length 350-2200mm
Specification of Machine Cutting Capacity 400,000kg
Ram Stroke Length 160mm
Number of Ram stroke 40 s.p.m.
Clutch/Brake Pneumatic friction
Motor 30kWx4P
Cycle Time 6-7sec.
(for cutting length 700-800)