Coil Spring Manufacturing Equipment

Taper Rolling Machine with Side Setting


This machine performs to roll an heated end of raw material for a large size coil spring to a tapered shape. A rolling shape can be changed by adjustment of a taper die. A side pressing device with hydraulic type is provided to minimize a spaturation at tapered end.



Taper Rolling Machine
Side Pressing Device
Rolling Stopper
Up/Down Adjusting Device of Upper Roll
Standard : Handle operation method
Option : Motor driving type
Material Supporting Roll
Stamping Device(Option)


Specification of Product Dia. of Bar Max.70mm
Rolling Length 600mm
Length of Bar -
Specification of Machine Rolling Capacity 200,000kg
Revolution of Roll 34r.p.m
Cycle Time 25 - 30sec/end
(about 100end/Hr, Bar dia. 40mm, rolling length 400mm)