Taper Rolling Unit for Leaf Spring

CNC Taper Rolling Unit for Leaf Spring


This machine performs to roll a heated end of raw material of leaf spring to a tapered shape. Taper rolling is done by upper and lower working roll(round shape) and a draw bench. Any shape of taper can be formed by CNC control of up/down movement(Electric Servo System) of an upper roll. Consequently, this machine is most suitable for parabolic taper rolling. This machine has a capacity to store a shape data of many types of products.



Parabolic Taper Rolling Machine
Loading Device
Draw Bench and Extracting Device
Roll Assembly Exchanging Device
Material Supplying Device (Option)
De-scaler (Option)
Transfer Device for next process (Option)


Specification of Product Leaf width 44.5-125mm
Leaf thickness Max. 50mm
Material length before rolling 800-2000mm
Length after rolling 1000-2500mm
Tapered length Max. 1500mm
Numbers of pass Max.10
Specification of Machine Rolling Capacity 60,000kg
Up/Down of working roll AC Servo Motor Drive
Rotation of working roll Variable Speed Motor Drive
Draw Bench AC Servo Motor Drive
Clamp of draw bench Hydraulic Drive
Transportation and positioning Motor & Pneumatic Drive
Cycle Time Taper length 800-1000mm: (7.2-8.0sec) x pass no. + 7.5sec
Taper length 300-500mm: (5.7-6.5sec) x pass no. + 7.0sec