Taper Rolling Unit

Fork Arm Rolling Machine


This is rolling machine to roll the leaf thickness and width of heated fork arm material. The width is rolled by squeezing roll, and the leaf thickness is rolled by working Roll & Draw bench. The tapered shape can be formed by NC for up/down movement of upper roll (Electric servo system) without changing forming dies. This machine has a function to storage the product shape data of a various kind.



Squeezing Device
Squeezing Roll Changer
Insertion Device
Fork Arm Rolling Device
Draw bench & Ejecting Device
Roll Ass'y Changer
Material feeding Device
Product Number Marking Device
Conveyor for next stage of the process


Specification of Product Leaf Width 70-90mm
Leaf thickness 34-106mm
Material Length before rolling 900-2200mm
Number of pass Multiple
Specification of Machine Rolling Power 250,000kg
Up/Down Working Roll AC Servo Motor Drive
Working Roll Rotational Variable Speed control Motor Drive
AC Servo Motor Drive AC Servo Motor Drive
Draw Bench Clamp Hydraulic Drive
Conveyor/Positioning Motor & Pneumatic Drive