Eye Forming Unit

Eye Forming Unit


This unit is a automatic equipment to roll an heated end of leaf spring to eye shape. Pre-bending/end cutting and eye rolling is separated as two processes. As a forming jig is simple construction and its change can easily done, a change-over is very short and cost saving can be expected. A production data is input by ten key method. This data can be stored in memory for each type of product.



Extracting Device from End Heating Furnace
End Bending/End Cutting Machine and Positioning Device
Loader, Unloader
Eye Forming Machine and Positioning Device
Scrap Conveyor(Option)
Pool Conveyor(Option)


Specification of Product Leaf Thickness(eye rolling part) 5-16mm(Max.35 mm at center part)
Leaf Width Max. 35mm
Material Length before eye rolling 45-101.6mm
Eye Span after eye rolling 1000-2300mm
Specification of Machine End Bending/End Cutting Machine Leaf clamp Hydraulic Drive
End bending/End cutting Hydraulic Drive
Eye Forming Machine
Grip for rolling
Hydraulic Drive
Rolling AC servo motor drive
Leaf support/Berlin eye Hydraulic Drive
Cycle Time Normal Eye 9-10sec (about 300 eye/Hr)
Berlin Eye 13-16sec (about 200 eye/Hr)