Coil Spring Manufacturing Equipment

Pig Tail Forming Machine


This machine performs to form an end of coil spring to a pig tail shape. A work is loaded on a specified position and its end is oriented by an operator. Then, a forming of pig tail shape is automatically done by pushing start button. After forming, a work is unloaded to outside machine by a operator. A shape of pig tailing is formed by a forming jig, which moves by pre-set program. A change of forming jig is necessary according to shape of pig tail. The machine can be installed near a coiling machine (previous process) due to a compact design.



Pig Tail Forming Machine


Specification of Product Bar Dia. 8-20mm
Outer Dia. of Coil Max. 200mm
Inner Dia. of pig tailing part Min. 40mm
Height of Coil 200-600mm
Coiling Direction
Number of Turns of Pig Tail Max.2.5 turn
Cycle Time 6-12 sec/1 end forming
This time depends upon numbers of turn of pig tail part