Coil Spring Manufacturing Equipment

Cold Coiling Machine


This machine produces predefined shape of coil spring with high efficiency by NC control for moving or fluctuating action of forming pin in accordance with inputted forming data. Materials are fed from Reel Stand automatically, and it's carried out from Coiling to Cutting continuously.



Reel Stand
Material Feeding Device
Moving Device for forming pin
Fluctuating Device for forming pin
Cutting Device
Pitch Feeding Device


Specification Specification of Product Coiling direction Right (Left-handed coiling is optional.)
Adaptive Wire Diameter 8.5-14.0mm
Max Outer Diameter 160mm
Minimum Outer Diameter 55mm
Minimum Dm/d over 4.5
Machine Dimension L5400 x W2000 x H3800mm
Weight 20,000kg
Total Electric Energy 160kw (Including of Reel Stand, Hydraulic unit)
Processing Speed 20pcs./min (Reference data in case of material length 2500mm of cylindrical spring.)
Servo Motor Specifications Feed Roll 55kw(11kw x 5 roll)
Forming Tool 22kw
Rocking Shaft 11kw
Cutting Device 22kw
Pitch Feeding 15kw