Coil Spring Manufacturing equipment

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Our customers producing various types of coil spring for automobiles, trains, and heavy machines with our machines. We have made the machines for wire diameter up to 100mm.

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Taper Rolling Machine

Taper Rolling Machine STEP1 TAPER ROLL

This machine performs to roll a heated end of raw material, which shapes coil spring into tapered form.


Coiling Machine

コイリングマシン STEP2COILING  

The method of coiling can be divided into 2 types. One way is forming into coiling shape by coiling pin. Another way is forming into coiling shape by mandrel and moving guide roller. Coiling process is important to determine the quality of coil spring as its diameter, free height, load, spring rate, etc.

Pigtail machine

ピッグテールマシン STEP3 PIG TAIL    

End of coil spring is formed as pigtail shape. Our machine performs to forming pigtail shape automatically with forming jig that moves by pre-set program. Change of forming jig is necessary according to shape of pigtail.

Quenching / Tempering, Shot-peening

Setting Machine

セッチングマシン STEP4SETTING    

The purpose setting process is to improve fatigue strength of coil springs, and enhance its elastic limit. Setting process can identify "specified load" or "specified height" of coil springs.


Load Testing machine


This machine can measure the load of coil springs with its specified height. Then the coil springs will be classified by the results of its load.