We, Morita and Company, are the only one specialized manufacturer of Spring Manufacturing Machine in Japan, and few in the world.

You might not have seen Morita & Company logo on daily products. However, products using parts manufactured by our equipment can be seen in your daily life.

For example, springs used in car, cargo truck, rail vehicle, vessel; precision components or semiconductor components. Moreover, they are ranged over aircraft parts, and even multistory parking space parts as well.

Our equipment is called "specialized machine" which is custom-made one meeting their every needs. Therefore, we don't manufacture the exact same equipment, and always try new things.
Achievement, experience and reliability are essential in this field since our equipment is expected to work stable on a long-term basis.

In 2010, Morita & Company has marked the 100th anniversary since its foundation. In the field of spring manufacturing, our brand has become well-known even by leading companies internationally.
Continuity is the key word in this highly-competitive business environment. Our mission is to keep stable supply of high quality products and services. We aspire to keep being the best supplier in the field of spring equipment, and even other area.

In 2012, Morita & Company founded KUNSHAN MORITA&COMPANY Co., Ltd. in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China.
We satisfy the user needs promptly in a great market in China.