Specialized MachineWe provide a wide variety of specialized machines for assembly, control,
machine process, inspection and transfer to meet your requests.

Our advanced technological skills that can achieve high accuracy and "Total FA System" can support your business in every phase; machine study,
production and system developing.

5 Advantages in Our Total FA System

  • #1

    We provide system integration for both single machine design and line design.
    We support you from studying stage through after-sales service.

  • #2

    We have know-how and achivment especially for manufacturing forging machines and metal parts mass production machines.

  • #3

    We achive saving manpower and energy by improved productivity and flexibility.

  • #4

    Our machines are compliant with UL・CE Standards.
    We have installed and established our machines in our customers' plant in overseas.

  • #5

    We offer new process method
    Our wide experience in automobile, aircraft, steel and electrical industry will support you to find new process method or

Our Technical Skills

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  • 組立技術
  • 搬送技術
  • 制御技術
  • 加工技術
  • 検査技術

Processing Technology

  • Hot Sizing PressHot Sizing Press


    Hot Sizing Press

    Aircraft parts need to be very light and tough, so special materials are used such as titanium alloy. Hot Sizing Press machine can press special materials with high temperature (800 degree). We successfully developed this with combining pressing and heat shieling technique.

  • Seat Wire Forming MachineSeat Wire Forming Machine


    Seat Wire Forming Machine

    A workpiece cut and straightened to a specified length is mounted at a specified position on the material supply device, and automatic forming is performed.

  • Auto BenderAuto Bender


    Auto Bender

    Auto bender is the equipment to form and process stabilizer bar.


  • Automobile Seat Bonding MachineAutomobile Seat Bonding Machine


    Automobile Seat Bonding Machine

    A pad and a seat for automoblie are heat bonded.
    Advanced heat treamtment is required.

  • Washer Installing Machine for Small SpringsWasher Installing Machine for Small Springs


    Washer Installing Machine for Small Springs

    A metal washer is installed on a small spring.

  • Rubber Bonding MachineRubber Bonding Machine


    Rubber Bonding Machine

    An Adhesive is coated on a rubber, and let it dry.
    Then it is installed on a metal bar.


  • Engine Timing Chain Inspection MachineEngine Timing Chain Inspection Machine

  • Crank Arm Bush Inspection MachineCrank Arm Bush Inspection Machine

  • Shaft Dimension Inspecting MachineShaft Dimension Inspecting Machine


  • Alminum Wheel Transfer MachineAlminum Wheel Transfer Machine


    This equipment is for transferring aluminum wheels on automotive production process. We achieved the automation of transfer heavy wheels.

  • Blade Magazin Loading MachineBlade Magazin Loading Machine


    Blade Magazin Loading Machine

  • Bolt Transfer MachineBolt Transfer Machine


    Bolt Transfer Machine

  • Manipulator for Melting FurnaceManipulator for Melting Furnace


    This labour-saved manipulator is for providing oxygen and carbon to electric furnace in steelmaking plant.


  • Control DesigningControl Designing

    FA system using a sequencer program made by manufacturers including oversea manufacturers.(MITSUBISHI、OMRON、KEYENCE、SIEMENS、Allen-Bradley)

  • RobotRobot

    Transfer device using robots manufactured by FANUC, YASKAWA, NACHi, Kawasaki, etc.

  • Image ProcessingImage Processing

    Color discrimination, shape discrimination, measuring length and matching by image processing.

  • MeasuringMeasuring

    Measuring skills for especially load measuring and length measuring.

  • SoftwareSoftware

    Statistic processors and tracability such as by transfer print, seal marking and laser marking.

  • International StandardsInternational Standards

    Machines compliant with CE Standard, UL Standard and CSA Standard.


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