Morita & Company aspires to be an energetic company which has a global vision, contributes to society with our creative skills, and realizes happiness for employees.

Our specialized machines are all "Customer-made" for each customer. We keep in mind that it might become a big investment as could sway the customer's destiny. Therefore we invest plenty of our effort for studying customers' needs and seeking our assignments to reflect to the machines' advancement.

We still receive inquiries on our machine installed more than 30 years ago. Since our machine is long-lived one, it is not rare to take years for even one project. Such a long term project makes the relationship between customer and us much stronger, and it also makes ourselves stronger and developed.

Although divisionalization of organization has become mainstream in even machinery field, we have maintained a consistent system which covers all designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance by ourselves. That is why we have gained customers' trust.
Also, that is our strength not only in spring manufacturing machines but also in other manufacturing machines.
Moreover, we have growing our business by starting the import sales of industrial products.

Collective Strength of Morita & Company

Collective Strength of Morita & Company

Strength of Development

To catch the user's needs exactly and propose a proceeding convenience and pleasure. These are an ability of development, which Morita & Company takes a pride in him. What our technology grown from the flexible ideas have been got a high valuation shows that over 80 patents have certified in Japan and Foreign Countries.

Strength of Construction

To complete surely a high quality product basing on the conception. A steady research of an individual staff grows reliance as a rare manufacturer of spring making machines in the world and expands the business area to not only a domestic market in Japan, but also the world markets including North America and Europe.

Strength of Evolution

In order to establish an creative synthetic power, It is required to gain various experiences and compel himself to make efforts for growth. Morita & Company handling from a single spring making machine to a total plant continues to think a next step and do the action without being satisfied the present condition.