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Leaf Spring Manufacturing Equipment

Since the day of establishment in 1910, Morita & Company has greatly developed with growth of Automobile industry. Our achievement and its originality has been approved as a leading brand for spring manufacturing machines, and M&C brand has gained high trusts internationally.

STEP 2 圧延


Taper Rolling Machine

The material of leaf spring can be tapered thinly by pressure of taper roll.

CNC板バネ先端圧延ユニット LTP202R

CNC Taper Rolling Unit for Leaf SpringLTP202R


This machine performs to roll a heated end of raw material of leaf spring to a tapered shape. Taper rolling is done by upper and lower working roll(round shape) and a draw bench. Any shape of taper can be formed by CNC control of up/down movement(Electric Servo System) of an upper roll. Consequently, this machine is most suitable for parabolic taper rolling. This machine has a capacity to store a shape data of many types of products.

  • Parabolic Taper Rolling Machine
  • Loading Device
  • Draw Bench and Extracting Device
  • Roll Assembly Exchanging Device
  • Material Supplying Device (Option)
  • De-scaler (Option)
  • Transfer Device for Next Process (Option)

*Table can be scrolled horizontally

Specification of Product Leaf Width 44.5~125mm
Leaf Thickness Max. 50mm
Material Length before Rolling 800~2000mm
Length after Rolling 1000~2500mm
Tapered Length Max. 1500mm
Numbers of Pass Max. 10 passes
Specification of Machine Rolling Capacity 60,000kg
Up/Down of working roll AC Servo Motor Drive
Rotation of working roll Variable Speed Motor Drive
Draw Bench AC Servo Motor Drive
Clamp of Draw Bench Hydraulic Drive
Transportation and Positioning Motor & Pneumatic Drive
Cycle Time Taper length 800 - 1,000 mm: (7.2-8.0 sec) x pass no. + 7.5 sec
Taper length 300 - 500 mm: (5.7-6.5 sec) x pass no. + 7.0 sec

フォークアーム圧延機 LTP405

Fork Arm Rolling MachineLTP405


This is rolling machine to roll the leaf thickness and width of heated fork arm material. The width is rolled by squeezing roll, and the leaf thickness is rolled by working Roll & Draw bench. The tapered shape can be formed by NC for up/down movement of upper roll (Electric servo system) without changing forming dies. This machine has a function to storage the product shape data of a various kind.

  • Squeezing Device
  • Squeezing Roll Changer
  • Insertion Device
  • Fork Arm Rolling Device
  • Draw Bench & Ejecting Device
  • Roll Ass'y Changer
  • Material Feeding Device
  • Descaler
  • Product Number Marking Device
  • Conveyor for Next Process

*Table can be scrolled horizontally

Specification of Product Leaf Width 70~90mm
Leaf Thickness 34~106mm
Material Length before Rolling 900~2200mm
Number of Pass Max. 15 passes
Specification of Machine Rolling Power 250,000kg
Up/Down Working Roll AC Servo Motor Drive
Working Roll Rotational Variable Speed control Motor Drive
Draw Bench Drive AC Servo Motor Drive
Draw Bench Clamp Hydraulic Drive
Conveyor/Positioning Motor & Pneumatic Drive

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