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Leaf Spring Manufacturing Equipment

Since the day of establishment in 1910, Morita & Company has greatly developed with growth of Automobile industry. Our achievement and its originality has been approved as a leading brand for spring manufacturing machines, and M&C brand has gained high trusts internationally.

STEP 3 端末加工


End Forming Machine

This machine performs various forming for material end.

板バネ先端加工ユニット N513H

End Forming Unit for Leaf SpringN513H


This unit is an automatic equipment to perform a center punching, rivet hole punching, silencer hole punching and side trimming (or diamond cutting) of a whole heated material. A combination of each process can be selected according to necessity. A positioning adjustment of the necessary device can be automatically set for each type of product. A change over of jig and die can be done in short time. A data of shape and production data of many type of products can be stored in memory. This unit is a suitable equipment to get high productivity and high quality.

  • Center Punching
    - Press, Die Set, Knockout, Transfer Device, Positioning Device
  • End Cutting
    - Press, Die Set, Knockout, Moving Bed, Positioning Device
  • Rivet, Silencer Hole Punching
    - Press, Die Set, Knockout, Moving Bed, Positioning Device
  • Side Trimming (or Diamond Cutting)
    - Press, Die Set, Knockout, Moving Bed, Positioning Device
  • Loader & Unloader for end forming
    Transfer Device
  • (Option)
    Die Changer, Scrap Conveyor

*Table can be scrolled horizontally

Specification of Product Leaf Thickness (Forming End) 6~18mm
Leaf Thickness (Center Part) Max. 35mm
Leaf Width 50~102mm
Length before Cutting 900~2400mm
Length after Cutting 900~2300mm
Length of Side Trimming 30~295mm
Forming Press Capacity Center Punching 80,000kg
End Cutting 110,000kg
Rivet, Silencer Hole Punching 110,000kg
Side Trimming (or Diamond Cutting) 150,000kg
Cycle Time 8 - 12 sec.
It depends on the combination of forming.
(240 - 360 pcs/Hr)

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