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Since the day of establishment in 1910, Morita & Company has greatly developed with growth of Automobile industry. Our achievement and its originality has been approved as a leading brand for spring manufacturing machines, and M&C brand has gained high trusts internationally.

STEP 5 成形焼入れ


NC Camber Unit

This equipment makes a whole heated leaf spring into camber form by using universal die (Jack type). The formed leaf will be transferred into quenching tank.

板バネNCキャンバーユニット CLF220R

NC Camber Forming UnitCLF220R


This machine is an automatic equipment to make camber forming of a whole heated leaf with a formed ends with a system that takes up a material, turns it over if necessary, positions it, loads it to NC camber forming machine, forms it to a preset camber shape, takes it out from a camber forming machine and transfers a formed leaf to a specified position of a customer's quenching machine. Camber forming die has a function to make a setting any camber shape by NC control.
-Camber form setting method
Curvature is formed by positioning a jack one by one, which is unclamped by a curve setter being NC controlled.
-Input method of curvature
Input can be done according to CRT indications for each product by a personal computer. Maximum saving capacity is 9999 types of product.

  • Extracting Conveyor from a Heating Furnace (Option)
  • Loader to Camber Forming (with Turnover Device)
  • End Form /End Cut /Positioning Device
  • Longitudinal Positioning Device
  • NC Camber Forming Machine
  • Unloader from Camber Forming Machine
  • Exchanging Device of Camber Forming Die (Option)

*Table can be scrolled horizontally

Specification of Product Leaf Thickness at End Part 6~22mm
Leaf Thickness at Center Part 10~40mm
Leaf Width 60~102mm
Total Span before Quenching 650~2200mm
Camber R Min. 600mm
Specification of Machine Ram Pressing Power Max. 15,000kg
Pressing Power for Center Part Max. 10,000kg
Forming Die Universal Type for Upper and Lower
Cycle Time 10~14 sec.

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