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Leaf Spring Manufacturing Equipment

Since the day of establishment in 1910, Morita & Company has greatly developed with growth of Automobile industry. Our achievement and its originality has been approved as a leading brand for spring manufacturing machines, and M&C brand has gained high trusts internationally.

STEP 6 荷重試験


Setting and Load Testing Machine

This machine can measure load of leaf springs with its specified height. Then the leaf springs will be classified by the results of its load.

板バネ荷重選別機(大型) LS30-3

Load Testing Unit for Leaf Spring (Large type)LS30-3


This machine has a function to perform a setting and testing of a large size leaf spring continuously. The testing results are classified to 5 ranks and indicated on a display. Increasing/decreasing of pressure against a spring is done by a hydraulic control system. The machine has also a function of automatic presetting, calculation of spring rate and printing out of a measured data.

  • Transfer Device
  • Presetting & Load Testing Machine

*Table can be scrolled horizontally

Specification of Machine Presetting Load Max. 30,000kg
Testing Load Max. 10,000kg
Ram Stroke Max. 600 mm
Effective Stroke of Presetting Max. 430 mm
Cycle Time 15 sec.
Under a condition of one time presetting (350 mm) + testing (250 mm)
(About 200 sets/Hr)

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