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Leaf Spring Manufacturing Equipment

Since the day of establishment in 1910, Morita & Company has greatly developed with growth of Automobile industry. Our achievement and its originality has been approved as a leading brand for spring manufacturing machines, and M&C brand has gained high trusts internationally.

STEP 7 疲労実験


Fatigue Testing machine

This machine is generally used at a research and develop department in our customer. It can test the fatigue of leaf springs.

板バネ疲労試験機 FH15A

Fatigue Testing Machine for Leaf SpringFH15A


So far a fatigue testing machine is generally used at a research and develop department of the company. If a fatigue test could be easily carried out in the production line, it is useful to increase a quality of spring. This machine was developed to meet this purpose and has following characteristics. "Spring is tested under a pre-set load. If spring is fatigued during testing, a load is automatically compensated and test is continued under a constant pre-set load." This machine adopts a hydraulic method and solved the general disadvantages of a hydraulic method such as energy loss, difficult maintenance, use of special hydraulic unit by a new development of special components and hydraulic circuit. Further, a power unit is energy saving type and its maintenance cost is nearly same as one of mechanical type.

  • Fatigue Testing Machine
  • Spring Supporting Jig
  • Safety Cover

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Specification of Machine Capacity 15,000kg
Ram Stroke Max. 200 mm
Number of Stroke Max. 90 s.p.m.

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